What Watching Porn Does To Your Brain


Over the years, there have been arguments on Pornhub and some other influencing websites about the side effects of watching paid or free porn. People have claimed porn invokes brain related disorders and have also tried to explain what happens in brains of people that regularly watch too much porn. There has not been much research done into the brain and behavioral pattern of people that constantly watch porn, so most of the arguments made by people are only theoretical. They are not practical. They are simply based on rhetoric and an individuals’ perception.

According to some of the research done on pornhub, which have been invited for submission, and results from such research indicates that the brain patterns of people that watch porn constantly can be likened to that of drug addicts because they demonstrate the same specific electrical changes in their brain activity. So these research claims that porn addiction is just like cocaine addiction to the brain. There was a contradiction to these, because some few selected participants were selected, and they all demonstrated increased electrical brain response to the erotic images in which they were shown, just like normal human beings, and this happened several times.

Some Anti-pornography groups might also claim that it is because porn addicts have a very strong response to sexual stimuli, and that could be the cause of this. This is why sex and porn addiction is a very difficult topic to argue on. There are very wonderful theories, but the data and results of their research does not match their theories.

Researchers have included different measures of sexual desires or libido and also multiple measures of sexual addiction in the questionnaires in which they gave to the participants. The results of this study was actually predicted by libido measures, and there was totally no correlation between measures of sexual addiction to the neural measures. This means that the findings made using EEG where the results showed increased response to erotic stimuli was only related to people that have high level of sexual desires. The individuals that were called sex addicts were merely people who have high libido and brains like any normal human but are not actually Porn addicts.

Another aspect researchers delved into is that of the different tests which measures aspects of paid and free porn addiction and at the test that measured libido also. Then another statistical analysis on people that watch free porn was done on Pornhub to find out if any of the test results carried out varied with the differences in brain response. These also proved that the tests of porn addiction had nothing to do with the neural findings.

However, a significant portion of changes in these neural responses was explained by the level of the individual’s level of sexual urge, someone with a high level of libido showed lesser neural responses to the sexual stimuli they were shown. This was actually surprising, because it means that individuals with high libido might not necessarily enjoy pornographic movies. This is also consistent with some studies that have reported that individuals with high level of sexual desires respond less to visual erotica when compared to that with low libido. However, this is not just unique to porn addicts.

General Conclusion:

According to Pornhub, This means the level of your porn activity has little or no effect on your brain.